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On 9/10/2013 6:02 PM, J. McRee Elrod wrote:

sara said:

Look at the next-to-the-last word in the title– in your failed searches it is spelled with two ‘t’s and one ‘l’–in the LC record it is spelled with one ‘t’ and two ‘l’s.

Had the OPACs being searched responded with a browse list (akin to a card array :-{)} ) this would not have been a problem.

 Our OPACs need development more than we need new rules or a new coding system!

You’re right, but I still need to be more careful. Mea culpa.

To turn this into a learning moment however, searching the incorrect title in Google gives 5 results:
which gives OCLC, OCLC classify, but also, a couple of incorrect citations in papers. These could be from people using their automatic citation software and importing the incorrect citation.

Looking for the incorrect title in Google Scholar gives two results:

This seems to be a pretty gooda concrete example of why it is so important to input descriptive information accurately. With automatic citation software, typographical errors could make things spin out of
control rather quickly.

But in both cases, it gives the very nice:
Did you mean: “Beiträge zur archäologie des Attila Reiches”