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On 16/05/2013 09:19, Heidrun Wiesenmüller wrote:

So, it might be difficult to include persons in a geographic facet based on 043 codes. Perhaps VIAF could be used to derive area codes for persons from the country codes in German authority records.

The most detailed discussion of 043 assignment that I know of is in the LC Cataloging Service Bulletin, no. 11 (p. 94+)

There is a section for biography and they differentiate between collective biography and individual biography (p. 100):
“Assign codes for collective biography if the biographies are associated with specific places. Do not assign codes to works of individual biography, unless the work places great stress on a special locality, so much so that a heading of the type [place]–Biography must be assigned in accordance with the local history provision…”

I have seen tremendous variation in 043 codes, and catalogers often forget them completely.