Re: [ACAT] RDA and the plague

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On 11/04/2013 16:08, Marc Truitt wrote:

While I agree completely with Sam that this whole thread has gotten way out of hand, I do feel a need to remind folks of one rather interesting (and pertinent) fact. The poster who Sam quotes is precisely the individual who turned the original molehill into a mountain with his refusal to recognize the fact of an international standard and let it go at that. Instead, he chose to blow the issue totally out of proportion, conjuring images of backroom deals, oppression of women and gays, and who-knows-what other sorts of nefarious conspiracies:

I beg indulgence for one last point: to me, this discussion has never been about whether “cm.” is a symbol or abbreviation. In my own opinion, it is quite obviously an abbreviation and no one in any level of authority can make me think otherwise, not without some kind of decent reason. I have no doubt others agree with me now and will in the future. This questioning does not make anyone bad or stupid or evil. It just shows that we do not want others doing our thinking for us.

None of this presents any practical problems however, since the real question is very simple: do we put a period at the end of the string cm.?

My answer is and has been: I don’t care! And I think RDA should say the same thing because they allow cataloger’s judgment in other, far more important areas than this. If users have problems over the existence or absence of a period, they have absolutely no hope with the rest of the catalog.

And with that, I also place a period on this thread. 😉