Re: [ACAT] Inscrutability versus overkill in new authorities

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On 10/04/2013 09:31, Moore, Richard wrote:


Obviously you are at liberty to disagree with an international standard. But you can’t blame RDA for it, which is what you seem to be trying to do. Along with world famine and the plague.

No. The question is whether to place a period at the end of the abbreviation cm. This can be done or not, I honestly don’t care, but to make a rule that it is incorrect to do so because someone has proclaimed it to be a symbol when anyone can see it is not begins a pointless argument and leads to a Gotcha!

Since it makes no difference one way or the other, leave these matters to catalogers’ judgments.

As far as world famine and the plague, I don’t believe RDA has much to do with those problems. What the consequences of RDA will be on catalogers, cataloging, catalogs, and libraries remain to be seen however because there was never a business case. The business case is beginning now however: live.