Re: [RDA-L] Typos in Titles

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On 07/03/2013 18:49, Jenifer K Marquardt wrote:

Hello, everyone. What about the basic question that was asked? Why is the corrected version of any 245 with an error put in the MARC field 246 rather than in the 240? The 246 represents varying forms of the title, yes, but the title of the work is really the corrected version, isn’t it? And so then it would seem that the 240 would be the place to record the corrected version. This is a question that would apply to any title with an error, not just this thesis example. Does anybody know why the 246 is used instead of the 240?

The purpose of the uniform title is to bring together the same work when the titles vary. It is an organizing device. Therefore, the title on the physical piece may be “The tragicall story of Hamlet, prince of Denmark” but the uniform title ensures that people do not have to search under “T” to find “Hamlet”.

The corrected title is simply that: it ensures that someone does not have to look under a typographical error to find an item. So, following the example above, if the title appeared as “The tregicall story of Hamlet…” there would be a corrected title and a uniform title.

If an item comes out in only a single edition (or manifestation), there is no need for a 240. Naturally, this practice may be going overboard with RDA and FRBR since now everything supposedly has work, expression, manifestation and item qualities.