Re: [ACAT] Local cross-references — Protecting them from overlay

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On 05/03/2013 00:39, Aaron Kuperman wrote:

A lot of things are changing at LC. You do know we have computers now. The most common usage I’ve seen of the “red books” is to adjust monitor heights (true, we all get Classweb and CatDesktop on all computers). We even have a new catalogue code designed for the 21st century. AND GIVEN THE WAY PEOPLE ACCESS CATALOGS THRU THE INTERNET FROM ANYWHERE ON THE WORLD AT ANY HOUR, I RESPECTFULLY SUGGEST THE LOCAL PRACTICES ARE ANACRONISTIC.

What is anachronistic is the fact that our authorized forms, the structure of our subject headings and much of the cross-references, are based on left-anchored browse searches instead of through keyword searches. We have never taken a step away from the cards and the books. There is no display of subject subdivisions and cross references that have been as good as what we have seen in the red books. All of that has been going on for over 20 years!

It is my hope that someday many of the cross-references (UFs, 4xxs) in our authority files will be updated through crowdsourcing, if not by the entire world (which may be too crazy), at least by reference librarians around the world. That way, they wouldn’t need to request anything from catalogers, but could just add the cross-references then need by themselves.