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On 05/02/2013 16:35, Jerri Swinehart wrote:

I’m going to ask a few questions in all innocence … was the public consulted for AACR (and its changes)?

Not that I know of, but the purpose of AACR was to comply with the ISBD and the purpose of ISBD was for more sharing of records and greater understanding of records for more efficiency in interlibrary loans. The actual changes the public experienced were very few; they just saw some weird punctuation. Of course, AACR2 brought the major changes for the public, leading to split catalogs, something that most people never did understand, and in all likelihood there will be similar consequences with RDA.

In those days, the public had little choice except to accept whatever libraries gave them since there was little competition. They couldn’t go anywhere else. There was no option for Google or Google Books or Amazon or Google Scholar, etc. Naturally, this is not the case today.