Re: [ACAT] An rda dsisclaimer?

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On 26/02/2013 21:06, Aaron Kuperman wrote:

In the United States, and other jurisdictions with a Common law heritage, the general rule is always that anything not prohibited is permitted, and that one is expected to use common sense. I believe I did suggest some rule calling for using common sense but was told one doesn’t need to have a rule requiring it.

“Common Sense”. One of my favorite books (by Tom Paine). Here is a quote where he discusses forms of government, that undoubtedly made lots of people angry back then:
“And as a man, who is attached to a prostitute, is unfitted to choose or judge of a wife, so any prepossession in favour of a rotten constitution of government will disable us from discerning a good one.”

So, it seems to me that this same idea can be applied to other areas as well, such as to cataloging rules, where a “… prepossession in favor of a rotten (set of cataloging rules) will disable us from discerning a good one.”

We all know that AACR2 has its problems, but other … “newer” … rules have major problems as well. Perhaps even more so.

Therefore, the question occurs to me that, probably, few will want to ask or answer: what determines a “rotten” set of cataloging rules?