Re: [RDA-L] Relationship designators in one list

Posting to RDA-L about the very long list of relator terms.

A sobering list! Presenting such a list to a user as a drop-down list so that they could search each relationship separately would make them run away screaming, so I guess this would be used for sorting the headings for people (and corporate bodies) in different roles, e.g. someone as “editor” vs. “braille embosser” vs. “host” vs. “story teller”.

Of course, apart from updating our inferior “legacy data” to conform to this list (something that we can assume won’t be much trouble–!!!), I think catalogers will experience difficulties in figuring out the difference between an “abridger” from an “editor” from an “annotator” and so on. For instance, Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare, would Charles Lamb be “story teller”?

Naturally, there is no doubt that all this will lead to better cataloging.