Re: [ACAT] Cringeworthy RDA terminology

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On 12/06/2012 07:49 PM, Mark K. Ehlert wrote:

Jay Smith wrote:

Is the relator term “editor of compilation” set in stone for RDA?

I presume, to differentiate roles played by “editors”.

But by this reasoning, it could be taken to outlandish levels, editor of
[fill in the blank]:
editor of arrangement
editor of moving image work
editor of translation
editor of edition(! I can imagine someone arguing for it)

Would this also apply in other ways?
distributor of [fill in the blank]
programmer of [fill in the blank]
author of [fill in the blank]
transcriber of [fill in the blank]

If not, why not?

It just seems to me that sooner or later all of this will have to move
out of theory into the realm of the practical and the useful. But
practicality and usefulness are obviously not part of RDA’s strong
suit. It must be dreamed.