Re: [ACAT] 264 field – the view from abroad

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On 12/04/2012 02:10 PM, Aaron Kuperman wrote:

While the Policy Statements are the primary framework on what is required and what is prohibited – there is a lot of flexibility that will force us to customize local practices for local needs (which is more work for catalogers, but should result in better cataloging).

This is one of my problems: I don’t even know what “better cataloging” will be in the future. In what way will it be “better” than now? I would think it would mean greater accuracy in description and access points, but apparently not. Let us set aside the undoubted problems with the relator codes and the WEMI relationships, which may or may not lead to something the public will find useful after ten or twenty years.

A new format will make it possible to share our records more easily outside of the library world, if the powers-that-be allow it and the outside world finds our records useful but those are a couple of big ifs. Especially if there is less consistency in the records. Besides, the new format in itself will not lead to better cataloging.

Where will the “better” be?