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On 14/11/2012 14:49, Karen Coyle wrote:


In practice, I’m pretty sure this won’t work. Library catalogs cannot take the load of being searched every time someone opens a page for a book on Google or Amazon — any more than your Web site could survive if Google searched inside your pages directly rather than making a copy and storing it in the Google server farm.

I would happily defer to others more knowledgeable about this, but it seems that server load would be minimal since it would be limited only to the people who installed your plugin and only when they opened a single book on Google or Amazon or some other site with bibliographic information. To further limit load, it could even be installed as a right-click option. I could do that in various ways myself right now.

In my version of Firefox, when I go to, I see in the URL/address at the top a little box that I can right click on and have various options, save to Zotero, Library lookup searching Worldcat, and CrossRef also. I guess this came through my Zotero installation.

Using LibX is very nice and I have played with it a lot. I believe the automatic part would need some type of Web service though. Server load for an individual library should not be an issue, but I could very easily be wrong.