Re: [ACAT] BIBFRAME – draft data model for bibliogrpahic data

Posting to Autocat

Things really do seem simple when you read and understand them. I dislike having to cataloging in a way that is not ideal. Even if you don’t agree, at least for the sake of younger catalogers who are likely to have my atitudes, I hope catalogers in general (not just you) will go along with the new rules and theories.

Still, no matter how grandiose the theories; no matter how the graphs may make you shudder and shake with fear and excitement, there are some realities that cannot be denied:

You still won’t be able to find Clint Eastwood as a “film director” in the older records! Therefore, implementing the relator codes reduces access. Simple, undeniable fact.

I would like to watch librarians try to explain how this is actually a good thing for research and how in reality it increases access while the researchers and senior faculty members stare daggers at them!

“And yet, it moves!” — Galileo.