Re: [ACAT] “What Does It Mean To Be Literate in the Age of Google?”

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On 29/05/2012 16:46, William Anderson wrote:

James Weinheimer wrote:

Of course, our tools must fit into these new types of space-age technology, and it becomes clearer that the “user tasks” as enumerated by FRBR seem more and more tired and antiquated by the minute.

The tart answer might be to offer up your own enumeration of such tasks. Persumably not all tasks apply to all users or all questions.

I have made several suggestions in the past. And to head off at least some criticism, yes–of course some people still want to do the FRBR user tasks, just as there are still some who want to walk, or ride a horse, from Venice to Rome. (There are still real, live pilgrims, just like in the old days. Not many, but a few are still around) Of course, most, including myself, prefer to drive, fly or take the bullet train, while I enjoy the trip in the club car.

But when a major and expensive project is begun to create a product that is demonstrably obsolete such as FRBR and RDA is doing, especially during hard fiscal times, it only seems reasonable to question if it is aimed at making something that people want. Google is finding out what people want, Facebook, Microsoft, lots of big organizations are.

I will always say that libraries can provide something important to the public that these other organizations do not and possibly can not, but it is not FRBR. It is really imperative that we disinvest ourselves of this idea.