Re: RDA cataloging or how to miss the forest for the trees

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On Apr 23, 2012 2:15 AM, “Aaron Kuperman” wrote:

But what evidence is there that the current AACR/MARC is able to provide what users (public, patrons) want. It can’t deal with the new sorts of connections and relationships that have come into existence in the last few years. Our current system looks like an attempt to “kludge” a 21st century system dominated by digital media into a system designed originally for card catalogs and printed books.

None. But why go from one kludge to another kludge that is more complex and more expensive? If we are expected to spend major resources, which will have major consequences on the decreasing budgets of libraries, we should have more than incomprehensible graphs and heartfelt testimonials to indicate that everyone is going in the right direction and that RDA and FRBR provide what the public needs. It is not only a theoretical exercise.

All of this just demonstrates more clearly that the pro-RDA camp does not want to be pestered by the need to make the business case for what they want, and it should just be accepted by one and all by universal acclamation.