Google’s Project Glass

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Here is a video about Google’s “Project Glass”, which seems to be similar to Corning’s “A Day Made of Glass,” which I mentioned in a post and led to so

The blogging world is full of pros and cons about this. Google’s project has people wear some kind of eyeglasses that appear to be worn higher on the head than normal spectacles, and you apparently look up to “interact” with the computer but I’m not really sure. There are pictures and opinions at;siu-container It seems to me that in terms of eyeware fashion, this seems to be a step toward modeling ourselves on Geordi La Forge from Star Trek

I think the comments I made to “A Day Made of Glass” still hold for my own opinion of Google’s attempt, except that Google’s project embeds their project much more intimately into our lives than what the Corning video shows. I can’t even imagine “reading” a book on something like that, much less do any indepth research or studying, but who knows?

Apparently, contact lenses with similar capabilities are also being developed. I wonder what kind of batteries they will use? Or will people have to plug them in overnight?



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  1. james , Its a beatiful google glass video. i loved it.

    May 12, 2013

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