Re: [ACAT] RDA Implementation Date Set

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On 15/03/2012 21:06, Brenndorfer, Thomas wrote:

Great! So you’re on board in creating the elements that can receive and link to this data. That took a while, but it’s heartening to see you start to see the light.

The only thing I would drop would be the “should learn” for people using the catalog, as that’s inconsistent with your entire argument that people don’t want to learn. People shouldn’t have to learn too much, but go about their tasks with alacrity!

I believe I have been consistently in favor for true cooperation (Cooperative Cataloging Rules?). My problem is: why not cooperate now instead of expecting catalogers to change all of their records, their cataloging rules, systems, etc. instead of just doing it now? What we saw with the Elvis example can be done right now. Why wait? Still, it is good that after all this time, we may have found some point of agreement.

I will also agree that my argument about people not learning what you can find in a catalog is rather inconsistent, and that is why I prefaced it for “the sake of argument”. Still, I am so crotchedy that I believe people *should* know that there are different tools for different purposes and what they are for. That’s why in my information literacy classes, I would compare learning the tools for research: catalogs, indexes, full-text journals, web search engines etc. to learning the tools of a trade–specifically, how to be a butcher. (My father was a butcher) The very first thing you learn is your tools and what each is for. And you do not use a boning knife for a cleaver, or vice versa! If you don’t use a ground meat machine or a band saw just right, you may not go home, or you may make it home but minus a body part or two!

I don’t know if it worked or not…