Re: [ACAT] RDA Implementation Date Set

On 14/03/2012 21:05, Kevin M Randall wrote:

What, pray tell, is a “FRBR display”? FRBR tells us that these works would be related. RDA spells that out by defining relationships such as “motion picture adaptation of” and “adapted as a motion picture”. The matter of *how* those relationships would be displayed to the user is outside the scope of both the FRBR report and RDA.

As I have mentioned over and over, FRBR implies that each entity be displayed one time. Sure, we can have everything display as it does today, but to go through all of that pain to reach exactly what we have today would certainly be absurd. Therefore, displaying entities more than once makes no sense at all. But we have been over this before.

But still, please, demonstrate to us in practical terms, how FRBR will help anybody find anything that they cannot find now, other than perhaps coming up with some browsable displays that are similar to the 19th century book catalogs where all of the WEMI are shown in a very handy display. Of course, we already have superior displays now to those ancient displays.

What will people be able to discover that they are not able to find today? What will be so incredibly different from what we have now?

Yes, we can go into the linked data universe. Big deal, as my podcast discusses. We can do that now, anyway.