Re: [ACAT] Cataloging Service Bulletin discontinued?

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On 14/01/2012 06:22, Hal Cain  wrote:

On Fri, 13 Jan 2012 14:28:58 -0600, Geoffrey Hooker wrote:

Not an answer to why they aren’t being published, but I did find this information dated 8 July 2011 at indicating that they are not : CATALOGING PRODUCTS Discontinued: – *Cataloging Service Bulletin* (CSB) – The last issue was #128 (from the 2010 subscription). All back issues are available for free at

Publication ceased at the end of 2010, coinciding with the highly deserved but much lamented retirement of the editor, Bob Hiatt, who also edited LCRIs.

My understanding is that the LCRIs are completely replaced by the LC Policy Statements (LCPSs) The LCPSs will not be available openly over the web, but only through subscriptions to the RDA Toolkit or the Cataloger’s Desktop.