Re: [ACAT] Cataloging issue of journal as monograph

On 20/12/2011 20:45, J. McRee Elrod wrote:

Jim said:

… there is absolutely no way that the untrained layperson can understand something this complicated.

What’s complicated? You search the serial/series and get the serial and some analized issues. The only complication is if some put that serial/series in 730, so that it does nt show up in a series search.

The only series about which we get complaints are the 800 ones they can’t find by title. Somtimes the 800$t begins with “The”, and sometimes it’s not indexed. We also get 800 entries reported as duplicates of the 100. Since people are paying us money. they do not hesitate to complain if they don’t like something.

Sorry Mac, of course it’s complicated in the cases of serials that are partially analysed, to know that you have to look into the holdings of a serial record or at a separately cataloged item. I tried to demonstrate how complex it is by showing that different records can be shown and even interpreted in different ways. A layperson should not be expected to even suspect these sorts of refinements.

And the problem of expecting complaints in cases such as this, is that people have to be rather sophisticated to realize there is something wrong in the first place. Perhaps your customers are that sophisticated, but it is my experience that very few people understand what a series is, how series differ from serials, and even less do they understand analysed serials.