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On 21/11/2011 21:05, Clumpner, Krista E wrote:

Once, in jest, I made up “ANSI standards” for Publishers. One of the standards was you can only use an ISBN for one title, one edition. But, of course, the problem is no one can enforce standards on publishers.

Michael Cohen wrote:

Yes, publishers use ISBNs for their own purposes, and don’t understand that they can be used for other purposes as well, like linking out to cover art. Search this title in WorldCat and note the picture you get:  “Evapotranspiration and irrigation scheduling”

I love that example! Too funny! I’ll bet there are lots of others too! But what isn’t funny is, how can we believe that publishers will give us RDA-compliant information when they can’t even do “the right thing” with the ISBNs that they themselves supply? It just doesn’t seem even remotely possible to me.