Re: Radical proposal for RDA inclusions

Posting to RDA-L

On 27/10/2011 17:42, J. McRee Elrod wrote:

When I object that many of RDA’s media terms (MARC 336-338) are obscure, I am told that they are codes, and will be replaced in individual OPAC displays by alternate terms or icons.

Why not enter, for example, “[s.n]” as a code in 260$b, and have systems display “[publisher not identified]”, “[editeur non identified]”, “[Verlag nicht identifiziert]”, “[chuban shang meiyou queding]”, etc., based on 040$b?

That would greatly facilitate international exchange of bibliographic records, and would absolve bibliographic utilities, and those of us who serve multiple languages of the catalogue, from having duplicate records.

The main requirement for this kind of scripting is that the information is consistent. In these cases, 260$b[s.n.], 245$c … [et al.] and other terms have been entered very consistently for a very long time, so scripting would be pretty easy. Even I could do it.

Once these kinds of scripting solutions are accepted (the only choice, I think) then other similar types of solutions can appear. At least we should try these kinds of solutions before embarking on manual changes. After all, that is the very purpose of modern computer systems. They really can do a lot today.