Re: Are Too Many Americans Earning Four-Year Degrees?

Blog posting to Ruiz,Rebecca R. Are Too Many Americans Earning Four-Year Degrees? The New York Times. Education. The Choice. Oct. 22, 2011

The real change that I have seen is not so much in the education that college students get–the education students get in universities today is pretty much similar to what I had–the real difference is that the companies don’t want to invest in training the new graduate any longer.

It used to be that a B.A. or B.S. meant only that you had paid your dues and had proven that you are serious about pursuing a career in the chosen profession, not that you could just start in working. Then the company would be more willing to invest in training you and you were expected to stay with the company for a few years after you were trained so that the company could recover its costs in training you.

That hasn’t seemed to be the situation for some time now and companies prefer to expect new employees to be trained for work. So, students and companies expect students to emerge from college trained for work, while universities and faculties proclaim that they do not do job training.

Unfortunately, it’s the poor students who are left in the middle with now useless degrees. The students have done nothing wrong and done what they were told, often at great personal cost.

It seems like somebody will have to take responsibility sooner or later.