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Joel Hahn wrote:

Tim Skeers wrote:

Is there an ALA character-set character accessible in OCLC for the “section” symbol used in legal citations? Which is § (assuming this will replicate when this email posts). I can’t find it in the “insert character” dialog box in OCLC.

OCLC’s guidelines instruct one to follow LCRI 1.0E. LCRI 1.0E(4) indicates one should use “[section]” for English-language material, “[paragraf]” or “[paragrafen]” for German-language material, etc.

The LCRI is at the Cooperative cataloging Rules–decisions-before-cataloging—rev/1-0e–language-and-script-of-the-description—rev#TOC-Matter-That-Cannot-Be-Reproduced-by.
This page–by the way–was very tough to make!

According to the encoding standards for character sets at, the entire UTF (Unicode) standard is valid now. Maybe you should consider using the
actual symbol by using Character Map on your computer, or even with the entities encoding at, where the code is &#x00A7;

Actually, the LCRI is about “Matter That Cannot Be Reproduced by the Facilities Available” but now it can be reproduced with Unicode. Perhaps this RI should be rethought.