Re: RDA and ISBD

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On 26/05/2011 19:55, Marian Veld wrote:

I just finished a webinar on RDA. In it, we were told that RDA follows ISBD, but not necessarily for order of elements or punctuation. This sounded like nonsense to me. Take away the order and punctuation from ISBD and what do you have left? Nothing, I would think. So maybe someone can help me with this. What am I missing? In what sense does RDA follow ISBD?

Well, it depends on what you mean by “follow”. (This reminds me of Bill Clinton’s explanation about why his statement about Monica Lewinsky “there’s nothing going on between us ” was not a lie, he mentioned the meaning of “is”. See


If we say that RDA follows ISBD, then in certain areas, it definitely does not, e.g. the use of [et al.] See ISBD Rule where the ISBD rule is very clear that you use “et al.” or its equivalent in another *script*, e.g. cyrillic.

Still, I will go so far as to say that if we are going to say that AACR2 followed ISBD, and there are so few substantive changes between it and RDA, that we could conclude that it follows ISBD “almost” as well as AACR2.