Re: Plans for Existing Bib Records?

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On 05/19/2011 07:22 PM, J. McRee Elrod wrote:

Jennifer Sweda quoted the Paris Principles:

… when access is deliberately left out of the record for a given author, then the catalog will not be an “efficient instrument” to find out “which works by a particular author …

RDA requires only the first author and illustrators of children’s books as author mainn or added entry. You can have main entry under first author, a statement of resonsibility giving that author plus “[and<nn> others]”, with no author added entries. There needs to be a minimum standard number.

Absolutely! The standard as it reads now is that all you have to do to follow the standard is to trace main entry, translators and illustrators of children’s books (which is really weird!). Everybody seems to assume that this allows the catalogers suddenly to start tracing *additional* headings. Why? It is simply unrealistic to think people will do more than the minimum–especially in this economic climate. Why would anybody believe it would increase, except in really exceptional cases of projects with special funding, or the cataloger just felt like doing it because he or she liked the resource and maybe the bosses won’t notice?

What are the cataloging managers going to decide? Will they just say, “Do whatever you feel like!”  There will have to be at least some local policies on specific materials, such as dictionaries and encyclopedias, wikis, serials and other resources.

Also relevant to the discussion are the scandals in the authorship of scientific materials published by “too many people” Here are some articles I have found quickly, “Ethical Abuses in the Authorship of Scientific Papers” and guidelines for biomedical journals

Provide a minimum number of authors. It’s clear and simple. Otherwise, each institution will have to decide on its own. It makes as much sense to standardize it as to let it all go down to one author, which it probably will, unless catalogers just continue the practices as they are now.