Re: Future of Academic Libraries: Taiga Forum 2011 Provocative Statements

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On 27/05/2011 18:25, B.G. Sloan wrote:

“On 11/1/2010, Taiga Forum 6 met in Palo Alto to begin developing a new set of provocative statements regarding some future challenges to academic libraries. Another group discussed the draft statements at ALA Midwinter in San Diego in January, 2011. The Taiga Forum Steering Committee has taken that input and created this third round of Taiga Forum Provocative Statements. As before, the statements are intended to provoke conversation rather than attempt to predict the future.”



While the Taiga Forum is always diverting, one of the problems I have with the statements is that they are almost always negative for the future of the library. One of them, e.g.

5. no more collection building
Within five years, information needs will be met through on-demand purchasing. Big deals will have been eliminated and collection building will only be meaningful for a select few designated libraries.”

could be worded as

“Within five years, the definition of the “collection” will have changed for libraries, to include the totality of the information universe. New methods of dealing with this inclusive environment are being devised, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive from the public, while librarians themselves feel as if they have regained a bit of control and have garnered new ares of respect within society.”