Re: [ACAT] Graphic Novels

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On 05/02/2011 04:00 PM, Jerri Swinehart wrote:

Kresge Library (an academic library) is beginning, with a gift, to add graphic novels to its collection. After looking through what documentation I could find and checking over various bibliographic records…well..I have need of more information.

Although I have never had anything to do with graphic novels (except for the great “God’s Man” by Lynd Ward it seems that this would be a great opportunity to try to interoperate with other databases on the web, e.g. the Grand Comics Database which includes a lot of the information that is apparently needed.

I looked through it at random, and saw names such as “David Johnson” as an inker, and obviously, there would be some sort of work to break any conflicts. These are the sorts of opportunities that I think catalogers will have to grasp, otherwise everyone will be redoing each other’s work. Look at their Indexing Tutorial. I saw on their documentation wiki that they are considering making an api, so they may be interested in cooperating.