Re: Snoopy, Dr.

Posting to RDA-L

I have asked this before. If fictional characters are now handled as if they are real people, what does this mean for groups of fictitious characters such as X-Men, the Justice League of America, or the Fantastic Four? Are they now going to be handled under the rules for corporate bodies? And if so, are we going to have to find materials published by their organization to find how the form of name appears on the chief source of information, which I guess would be one of their comic books? And I must say that the heading “Fantastic Four” does not imply to me a corporate body, so it would have to be qualified in a different way from the current heading “Fantastic Four (Comic strip)” to “Fantastic Four (Firm)”?

I will simply take it for granted that these kinds of changes are being instituted because of numerous complaints from members of the public, who have experienced major problems finding such materials and it has been demonstrated that these are the kinds of changes that will help our patrons find the materials they need.