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On 21/04/2011 18:40, Adger Williams wrote:

Let me see if I get this straight.
Ideal “linked data” architecture has links, based on some unique code of some kind.

The links connect to a server for an authoritative national level database.

They also connect to a local image of the part of the national database that the local OPAC needs. (The image gets updated periodically from the national database.)

The local image drives the display for the OPAC.

Is the local image where one might choose to make display choices like choice of alphabet, et cetera? This might also be where the choice of how much of the information from name authority records (addresses or other personal information) would get displayed. Are there other functions that the local image of the national database would serve?

That is one way it could be done, but there are many, many possible
architectures, where bits and pieces can come in from anywhere. In the
AUR catalog, the individual record display brings in information from
all over the place, e.g. There
is information brought in from Google Books, Worldcat, Google Translate,
Amazon, and from a site called AddThis.

Something very similar could happen with the headings, if everything
were linked. For example, if I had hooked up VIAF correctly, I could
display the French or German headings instead. Or, the patron could
decide which format to see.

Again, for this to work, it is important to keep in mind redundancy so
that there are backups in case of failure.