Re: Dr. Snoopy

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Jonathan Rochkind wrote:

But in cases where it is obvious what’s going on…. it seems to me it would be preferable for the cataloger to act upon that. I am not a cataloger. What would they have do under AACR2?

The rules are not in AACR2 since fictitious characters were/are set up as subjects. The current rule is in SCM H1610 at This is we  see the example of Doctor Doolittle,
150 __ $aDolittle, Doctor (Fictitious character) 

The rules for Cartoons are in SCM H1430, which I cannot find online unfortunately.

By definition, at least in AACR2, only real people or groups of people can author something. Otherwise, they are considered to be as a subject that cannot author anything, similar to events such as WWII, or other topics, such as Love. This is different from a real human being writing under an assumed name, which could be a possibility for Charles Schultz writing under the pseudonym of Snoopy, but with a pseudonym, there is normally some attempt to hide the real author’s name, not as in this case where his name appears on the chief source.

Again, why have this change? Where is the utility either to librarians or the users? The reasoning for such a change, along with so much of RDA, escapes me. Switching to an entity-attribute-relationship model is fine and I am all for it, although I have my problems with WEMI.
Nevertheless, these sorts of changes have nothing to do with that and certainly add no utility to anyone that I can see.

I have nothing against change, but change for the better is what should be the aim instead of change simply to do something.