RE: Conference names : use of annual, etc.

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Danskin, Alan wrote:

Treating “events” consistently is a simplification of the instructions. The decision to include “frequency” in the name of the event is justified by the principle of representation if the event represents itself as an ” Annual Conference” or the “Biennial Festival”.

I have been following this discussion with some interest. While I fully agree that this may be a simplification of the instructions, it does seem possible that the final product, i.e. the work of the catalogers and of the researchers who need to find these conferences, could very probably be made more complex. In fact, it could wind up becoming very complex as conference names change from one to another based on frequency.

It occurs to me that perhaps the concept of the “superwork”, aimed primarily at serials, will also be suggested for conferences, so that people who are interested can find the various forms of the potentially multiplying conference names.