The brave new world of Push pop press

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This is quite an article from Wired: “Gore, Ex-Apple Engineers Team Up to Blow Up the Book”
Look at the video. Just incredible.

The developers also claim that it’s easy to make these books.

“Push Pop Press could likely undercut Adobe on price, not to mention ease of using the product. An interactive magazine, book, comic book or photo essay can be created with Push Pop Press in as little as 20 minutes, the programmers claim. … “This is a layout tool, not a developer tool,” Tsinteris said. “It’s a little like playing with Legos.””

They see Adobe as their competitor, and I must say, from this video, it beats Adobe hands down.

These are the sorts of innovations that may really make the book itself seem outdated and obsolete, especially to younger eyes. The program Blio is another possibility, championed by no less than Ray Kurzweil, but so far it hasn’t really taken off. I’ve read somewhere that it has been difficult for him to get permission for an Apple app, which is what Gore and his team has done.

I think people would find it very useful if somehow, our tools could interoperate with technologies like this book, so that they could find newer information, as well as other opinions and points of view.