RE: [ACAT] “our” vs “or” (was:Re: Subjective Judgements in RDA 300s????)

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Pete Schult wrote:

Nice. It is, of course, necessary to keep in mind that the results may not be ready-for-prime-time. The German translation had “Krank” for the “ill.” in the physical description.

That is so funny!! I guess there are some reasons why we can’t simply use Google Translate for our purposes, but it’s important to keep in mind that when we enter text into a computer or on a webpage, it is completely different from the text printed on a physical page or a card: from the fact that it is computerized, it can be transformed in all kinds of different ways for all kinds of purposes. For example, it would be possible to create an API, much simpler than Google Translate, that would work only with 300$b that would transform our few specific abbreviations in this field into full forms. While this would demand a certain amount of labor, it would work for every record in our database and be a much better solution than retyping everything. Then, instead of everybody typing everything out, one IT person would add an API, which is quite easy.

Also, even entertaining such a solution brings up a related question: would this be the best use of the new technology? If we could do something like this, who would it be for? For our patrons or for ourselves? If our patrons were to see such possibilities available, would they say: “Well, we want you to work on spelling out abbreviations in the record.” or would they would choose something quite different and much more useful–for *their* purposes?

I think the latter.