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Bernhard Eversberg wrote:

Am 14.01.2011 12:24, schrieb Weinheimer Jim:

> Bernhard, Sorry to press the point but I think it is a vital one:
> using MARC in its ISO2709 form *cannot* work with linked data.

For all I know, I have to disagree. It is all a matter of field content and then what the software does with that – no matter how it is wrapped up for communication. A MARC field can carry a link (an Identifier) and the software can use it in whichever way, wherever and whenever needed, no matter how the record is wrapped up during storage or transfer. This is in no way different from XML.

It may be a matter of what you are familiar with. If it is XSLT and nothing else, then XML is of course appealing. Other data manipulation languages can do just the same things, in different ways, and some do it more elegantly than XML.

I hate to keep harping on this, but I think it is a crucial point since I believe that ISO2709 is one of the key problems holding us back; certainly more important than adopting FRBR or RDA. As I said before, ISO2709 may be able to be revamped to handle linked data, but it seems senseless to me to do that work if tools already exist that can handle the job. If, as you point out, linked data is merely a matter of adding some identifiers, *maybe* it can work although it seems to me that such a system will always need special parsing and recompiling over and over again to be useful. For example, merely doing a linked data search using an ISBN is impossible with an ISO2709 record as it stands.

And although XML may not be the best solution, it can do all of this right now, today, and browsers can handle XML. Somehow, I don’t think an ISO2709 parser/compiler would make it into browsers today. And I think time is of the essence to demonstrate how libraries can fit into this coming information world.
ISO2709 served its purpose well, but it is a completely obsolete format that was created for the needs and the technology of the time. It needs to go be placed into the trashcan of history.

Once again, I confess I may be wrong. I am willing to learn. But please, no theory; just some practical examples of how ISO2709 can fill the bill and how it would be better than MARCXML.