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Mike Tribby wrote:

Perhaps not surprisingly, I find myself in agreement with both Mac and Hal. And I would ask Jonathan and any other list members who see value in all-caps display of titles if they have any thoughts on how to transcribe a title in which all letters are caps, but the letters at the start of the title (and possibly at the start of each word) are _larger_ caps than the caps that make up the rest of the title. I don’t think my keyboard or my cataloging software is capable of creating caps in different sizes in the same field, at least not easily.

I assumed that the idea of accepting all caps was to be able to accept ONIX data more easily, but I just looked up in their guidelines ( p. 11):

“Titles should be presented in the appropriate title case for the language of the title”

and then they have several examples of capitalization in English, Spanish, and French. In addition, on the next page, we read:

“Titles should never be presented in all capital letters as a default. [In fact, the word “never” is underlined–JW] The only times that words in titles should be presented in all capital letters is when such a presentation is correct for a given word. Acronyms (e.g. UNESCO, NATO, UNICEF, etc.) are an example of a class of words that are correctly presented in all uppercase letters. When acronyms are made possessive, however, the terminal “s” should not be capitalized.”

And so, the plot thickens! Their guidelines look fairly good to me. Would this be a case of definitely saying that the information received was substandard?