RE: Author added entries under RDA

Posting to Autocat

James Bowman quoted LC:

>”Only the first author is required to have an entry.
Added entries are only required for translators and illustrators of children’s books. All others are at the discretion of the cataloger.”

I really hope this is some sort of miscommunication. One of the things that has always separated library cataloging from the simple citations is controlled author headings. To single out translators (apparently not only of belles lettres) and illustrators only of children’s books, leaving *everything else* up to the vagaries of “cataloger’s discretion”, which can all too often mean how industrious I happen to feel at the moment, or how late I stayed up last night, represents a tremendous step backward in the history of cataloging. It is hard even to relate it to the concept of standards, much less “high-quality” standards.

Examining the record at, shows me that the abbreviations are spelled out, the “IV izdanje” instead of “4. izd.”, and the 336-8 fields, none of which any user will care about at all, but they will care about author access. If the argument is that there is “keyword access” to the additional authors, this is a treacherous argument, since the same can be said for the main entry as well.

How can anyone possibly consider this a step forward–that this record represents what our users want more than our current records? I am definitely *not* criticizing the cataloger here, but the *rule*, which I do not think would be accepted by the public were it known to them.