RE: Another take on Wikipedia and (academic) libraries

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Laval Hunsucker wrote:

Some may find interesting this (two-page) article by Corinna Nohn, dated Monday  25 October, published on :
“Fehlkauf mit System: Immer mehr aus Wikipedia-Artikeln kopierte Bücher finden sich in Uni-Bibliotheken. Die “Enttarnung” gestaltet sich schwierig.”

Thanks so much for bringing this to everybody’s attention. While I probably shouldn’t be surprised about this, I still find it shocking. I remember reading somewhere several years ago that in the 1600s a man in London was printing the same books under different titles repeatedly, and the booksellers forced him to sign an agreement that he would never print another book again! (Sorry, but I can’t find where it was)

I found those publishers in the WorldCat database too. I wonder: how could a next-generation catalog help here? Librarians cannot be expected to check everything vs. Wikipedia. What could a next-generation library do to help people not only not to read it, but more importantly to help people avoid buying it.