RE: Infrastructure for RDA

Posting to Autocat

Following the same general idea of my previous post: of whether the FRBR/RDA displays are what our users *really* want, I decided to do an experiment using a record I just made, trying to interoperate with dbpedia, which is an “authority file” of sorts in use at Wikipedia.

The catalog record is only semi-functional, but the purpose of it is with the headings. You will see the little icon that denotes “open another window” to the right of each subject. Using this, I made links into parts of dbpedia that seemed the most relevant to each subject.

The display of dbpedia is really overwhelming–there’s a lot of variant languages that could disappear and the entire display could be made friendlier, that that is not the point of it since you can download the entire thing–but there is some really useful information related to each topic, but the subjects are not really 1:1. Note especially the redirects, which function as UFs.

I couldn’t find anything specific for the Abu-Ghraib prison.

People may also be interested in the RDF Book Mashup that works with Dbpedia He has some examples, some of which work.