Re: [ACAT] S. Abrams & Dorst [a library vexation]

On 21/11/2013 14.04, Marc Truitt wrote:

Hmm. I respect the expertise and perspective of cataloguers very much, but I’d not want the world — or even the publishing world — to take its cues from the preferences of cataloguers. Think about how dull and monotonous the lives of cataloguers (to say nothing of discussions on Autocat!) would be if suddenly all publishers cranked out perfect little easily catalogued biblio-gems with all the required information correct, in the right place, perfectly formatted and produced, etc. In other words, it’s the odd stuff that makes life interesting and challenging.

This reminds me of what happened in a library where I worked. An editor of a journal actually wanted to talk to a cataloger.(!!!) He was eventually routed to my supervisor, who was absolutely great in serials by the way, and the editor said that he was in charge of a journal with the title, something like “The academic journal quarterly”. The problem was, they hadn’t issued anything for about eight or nine years and the editor wanted to know what he should do.

My supervisor said, “Well, I wouldn’t call it a quarterly anymore.”

Too funny! It made the editor mad though.

That always makes me laugh and I thought I would share it.