Re: [ACAT] relationship designator for creator of characters

Posting to Autocat

I have been watching this thread about:
 “When an author writes a book based on characters created by another author, [should] we make an added entry for the creator of the characters.” (adapted from Marian Veld’s original message)

The answer has been: no, yes, maybe, or only through some other means not operating or even yet conceived. Does anybody really think that there will be new ways created and functioning within our lifetimes or the lifetimes of our children? At some point, shouldn’t we consider something practical that might actually make a difference to a non-cataloger? And maybe even one of those apparently dwindling number of non-catalogers who actually wants to search our catalogs and is not completely enamored of full-text, algorithmic searching? (Such people are becoming scarcer, but I hope there a few around)

I still find it remarkable that RDA is so free and easy: titles can be in all caps, dump those added authors and editors (but not illustrators of children’s books!), relator terms are optional, the subtitle is optional, and RDA could not care less about the effects of any of that on the dreaded, hated “legacy data” of ours. Nobody ever talks about the loss of consistency with everything that has been done until just a few months ago, and I conclude that we have already thrown the principle of maintaining consistency with the 99.99% of the catalog into the wastebasket of history. What replaces it is, well… inconsistency. But nevertheless, Forward!

And yet, something like this thread pops up, just as happened with that memorable discussion about the period at the end of the cm. (Don’t worry. No more on that) Suddenly, the relaxation is gone and the theories come bristling out.

If the editors of a book can go down the drain, that is far more important than any problems adding a heading for the creator of a character used in another book. Are we following dubious theories, and doing it in a vacuum, or are we making something that somebody might find useful?