Re: [RDA-L] French-language book … with summary in French

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On 10/11/2013 5:06 PM, Jack Wu wrote:

I suppose to assume the user is fluent in language of the item would be sound if to use the item does need a good command of the language, as in cases of classic in the original. While if the item can also be useful by someone without good command of the language, the reverse would be true.

A summary note, particularly when lengthy, is sort of a freely transcribed table of contents, on the other hand it can be no more than a brief general note. Table of contents is always in language of the text, on the other hand, a general note is always in the language of cataloging.
So I think if a note exists, and is applicable, I would leave it alone, and to construct a note, I would stop where I’m competent to do, to provide one lengthy or brief, in either or both languages.

Modern technology allows other options today. There is the possibility of using the Google Translate Widget or the Bing translator. Both have an API but Google charges for it now. They are relatively simple to implement and could save a huge amount of time and money.

It might be worth a try.