Re: [NGC4LIB] Linked Data and the US government shutdown

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On 10/1/2013 10:43 AM, Christoph, Pascal wrote:

If you had not only linked data, but linked “open” data, you are allowed to build up your own service with the data. Thus you have mirrors. For us, we have such an internal mirror of e.g. the German authority file GND and the German ZDB Isil authority file . Thus, in principle, there is no “single point of  failure”[1].


Yes, and Jorge also makes a good point about problems in politically troubled areas. It seems that linked data must be associated with “open” and “mirrored” as you mention. Not only does it have to be open for general download, perusal and experimentation, it also needs to be mirrored and that involves money and resources. That part of linked data hasn’t been discussed all that much, that I have seen. Also, if the data
is not open, everything can be controlled.

So, one part of a linked data system could demand that you pay for access to their data. For instance, what if Google Maps started charging hefty prices to use their API? That would stop a tremendous number of projects. We just hope they don’t. In library records, the less critical parts, e.g. comments from Amazon, book-covers from Google, ratings from LibraryThing, you could say, “Who cares?” but if you take away the headings on catalog records, you are taking away about 95% of their value.