Re: [ACAT] RDA in Korean Libraries

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On 07/10/2013 19.25, Andrea Connolly wrote:

I am an LIS student and have been a lurker on the AUTOCAT listserv since I took cataloging last year. It’s been really interesting. What is spurring me to finally try a post is my current research on comparative information services. RDA is being implemented (or at least discussed) left, right, and center in US libraries, but I wonder how much it has come into focus internationally? Especially in the Republic of Korea. The National Library of Korea’s literature mentions using AACR2 for all Western materials and KCR4 for all Asian and non-book materials. Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated.

Although this has to do with China and not Korea, you may be surprised (as I am!) that recently, Chinese visitors have far outpaced the UK in visitors to my blog and is fast approaching overhauling even the US. I
have the Google Translate widget on my blog and I do not know if that is counted in the statistics, but I do find it interesting.