Re: [ACAT] WorldShare and enhancements of records

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On 8/30/2013 4:25 PM, McDonald, Stephen wrote:

Subject headings almost always have to be corrected on CIP records, because the subject headings are based on whatever short blurb the publisher provided before it was published.

According to the CIP Core Materials, the publisher must provide:

  • Table of contents 
  • Preface and Introduction 
  • Sample chapters 
  • The first full chapter 
  • The last full chapter 
  • Other important chapters 

This seems to be plenty for subject analysis.

In the places I have worked, lower-level staff always did the LC CIP copy and they would update the description (checking the title, adding dates, paging, etc.) but subjects were never redone. The original idea of the CIP program was to photograph the CIP onto a card, and someone would add the number of pages and dates, then it could be put into the catalog.

It took me awhile to find one, but this seems to be a CIP record in Princeton’s scanned card catalog: We see that the publisher had changed, the paging and size were typed in. Later, when the subject heading “U.S.–Politics and government–1969-” was closed out, they added 1974 by hand, but they didn’t add it to the tracing at the bottom.

If you have to redo everything, including even redoing the subject analysis, it seems that the CIP program would not make much sense at all.