Re: [ACAT] Added Title Entry to Include Initial Articles

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On 13/08/2013 00:27, Browning, Sommer wrote:

I had a request from a reference librarian to add an added title entry to the journal Der Baumeister for “Der Baumeister,” that is, she wants me to add an entry that includes the “Der”.

She says that students will, do, and have searched for this title using the Der and have come up result-less… 

Have you ever been asked to do this? What should I do in your opinion? Would some OPACs be smart enough to pull up Baumeister regardless of the “Der” being included in an added entry?

Searching this in Worldcat, I get the same result searching “baumeister” as “der baumeister” so I assume that this is getting all analytical added entries (33,247) and

Although adding a 246 including “Der” seems like a small thing, I fear it may be a slippery slope. You must assume that others will say they need “Das” and “Die” and then “Le” and “Les” and “Gli” and “I” and “The” and “A”…. That’s when you’ll find yourself spending all your time adding 246s for initial articles, just to make people happy. In my experience, when you make an exception for one person, it never remains so, and it is very difficult to explain why you cannot make exceptions for others (Favoritism!!) and, when I have tried to be “nice”, it has always led to fiasco that ends with everybody mad at me–especially me angry with myself–for being “nice” in the first place.

The Worldcat result is the correct one (for today’s world). I guess my question is: the title is “Der Baumeister” and it should come up in any keyword search. Are the students actually *not* searching keyword but title strings? If so, I would suggesting setting the default search to keyword. If people really are going to search by left-anchored title strings, then that is not such a simple thing, and for the good of their own futures, they must learn how to do it. Initial articles are only one, small difficulty when doing such searches.