Re: [RDA-L] “approzimately” in access points

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On 04/07/2013 18:07, Elizabeth O’Keefe wrote:

On a somewhat related issue (it was raised in Mac’s post), is anyone else bothered by the display when only a death date is known? 

Smith, John, -1932

I have experienced the same thing. I recently cataloged an item with the subject heading:
Agatha, Saint, -approximately 250.

I copied and pasted it unthinkingly but when I was editing my record, I couldn’t understand what this meant, and it was only when I realized that the earlier heading was:
Agatha, Saint, d. ca. 250

and the “d.” was changed to a hyphen, and the “ca.” was changed to “approximately”, did I understand what the heading was supposed to say. But that was only because I know the AACR2 heading.

The new heading is incoherent.