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On 15/07/2013 21:38, john g marr wrote:

Comments follow. Question remains– how to transfer whole folders of e-mail to a peripheral off-line (thumb drive or hard drive). …

I have to disagree with just about everything in your last post but that would be discussing technical issues that are beside the real point. It is possible to ensure a level of anonymity but, as I mentioned, it is not such a simple matter to do, and it is a fact that if you institute anonymity, then the Google-type searching will not be nearly as good. I have worked with DuckDuckGo and I can declare that in my opinion, the search results are similar to pre-Google times. (That means: not very good) Concerning email–if your email, browsing history, etc. is “in the cloud” then it is not anonymous and never will be. There is nothing to do about that. If you want to be anonymous, it cannot be from 10 years ago–all of that has been taken and analysed, but anonymity starts from the moment you decide to go anonymous.

And yet, is there an alternative to those options? Absolutely! And this brings us back to libraries and catalogs. Who has the alternatives? Libraries. Their methods have succeeded, in various ways, for thousands of years now. Nobody else in the world has that. A library catalog, when it works the way it is supposed to, provides something that nothing else provides. There are major problems: above all, there is no online library catalog that works the way it is supposed to (as I have tried to demonstrate in my podcasts). There are tons of other problems too.

The task should be to update those methods for the 21st century. But libraries steadfastly refuse to do any of it. What I have seen is to try to replicate Google-type searching and that can never work because the Googles will forever be ahead of libraries. A few individual librarians have tried their best but for a real solution, it will take the entire library (selectors, catalogers, reference and others too), coordinated with the library community as a whole, to make a difference that people will notice. Can something like that happen? Yes, and there are many examples of similar initiatives.

And we shouldn’t think that the solution lies in relator codes, typing out abbreviations, and instituting FRBR. That kind of thinking is just past it…..