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On 24/07/2013 10:35, Moore, Richard wrote:

These changes can be run against access points in any database of MARC bibliographic or authority records, using free, simple software available from Northwestern University. The decision to update authorized access points in LC/NAF was taken by the Program for Cooperative Cataloging, not by JSC.

Thanks for the clarification. As for the software from Northwestern, I also appreciate that but I prefer the answer from Ann Kebabian (Subject: [ACAT] Coping with all the RDA authority changes (WAS: [ACAT] “Junior” authors under RDA, rational or capricious?)) from 16 July, where she said:
“I do not believe that there is any way *people* can deal with the RDA heading changes unaided — there are just too many of them” then she went on to give an invaluable discussion of authority vendors and several potential problems in the conversion. Her answer sounded like the voice of experience.

Anyway, it looks to me as if money and resources must be expended to “improve” headings in ways that are highly dubious and these “improvements” have never been demonstrated to provide something the public needs so desperately. Those heading changes would be the stuff of stereotypical jokes about catalogers, and the situation would be funny if it did not have such serious consequences. If a library decides not to implement, they harm their authority control, but if a library decides to change those headings, the money will have to come at the expense of someone or something….

In the meantime, libraries and librarians are suffering, but I doubt if anyone will immortalize the sacrifices librarians are (and will be) making, as Tennyson did with the Light Brigade!




  1. Where is this software available for download? Thanks.

    July 24, 2013

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