Re: [ACAT] Coping with all the RDA authority changes (WAS: [ACAT] “Junior” authors under RDA, rational or capricious?)

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On 16/07/2013 23:03, Ann Kebabian wrote:

Stephen Early of the Center for Research Libraries asked about the RDA authority changes and how to keep up with them. I do not believe that there is any way people can deal with the RDA heading changes unaided — there are just too many of them. However, with an authority vendor (Marcive, Backstage Library Works, and LTI are the 3 I’m aware of) and Millennium’s Automatic Authority Control Processing you can machine-process the majority of the changes.

Of course, this is by far the simplest of the changes of RDA/FRBR: a relatively small number of authorized access points changed pretty much in programmatic ways. (“d.” changes to hyphen; “ca.” changes to approximately; “Dept.” changes to Department, etc.) What will happen when all of these wonderful relator codes have to be added to the older records? Adding those relator codes will apply not only to every single record but to every name heading, so that people can differentiate between Clint Eastwood the actor and Clint Eastwood the director and Clint Eastwood the producer. That will be so complicated it will make this first go-around look like child’s play in comparison. I hope everybody is saving their pennies for those conversions!

And of course, there will be more updates/conversions on top of those!

I don’t remember a lot of discussion about these costs when RDA was decided upon. In the future I think they will become major topics of conversation.